Red Kite Training Course Handbook


Section 1: Information about Red Kite Training updated September 2019

Section 2: About Your Course updated September 2019

Section 3: Administration Policies and Procedures updated September 2019

Section 4: Additional Course Requirements updated September 2019

Section 5: Assessment and Evaluation Processes updated September 2019

Section 6: Monitoring Process updated September 2019


Appendix A:  Module Specifications updated 03/10/2019

Appendix B: Policy relating to the conduct of tutorials updated July 2019

Appendix C: Appeals procedure for training course and course work Updated 13/10/2019 to include appeal form

Appendix D: Policy for the internal moderation/examination of assessed work

Appendix E: Equal Opportunities Policy

Appendix F: UKATA Policy – Equality of Opportunity

Appendix G: Policy Statement on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

Appendix H: Fitness to Practice Policy updated 03/10/2019

Appendix I: Monitoring Placements Policy updated 03/10/2019

Appendix J1-J3: Professional Body Training Requirements updated 03/10/2019

Appendix J1: TA Training and Registration Requirements
Appendix J2: CTA/EATA – CTA Exam Requirements
Appendix J3: UKCP –HIP College (Psychotherapy Courses only)

Appendix K1-K8: Statements of Ethics and Professional Practice Codes updated 03/10/2019

Appendix K1: The UKATA Code of Ethics and Requirements and Recommendations for Professional Practice
Appendix K2: EATA Ethical Code
Appendix K3: UKATA Code of Practice for Psychotherapy Trainers and Training Establishments
Appendix K4: Code of Practice for Tutors and Students
Appendix K5: Code of Practice for Supervisors
Appendix K6: Code of Practice for Provision of Therapy to Students
Appendix K7: Code of Practice: Confidentiality and Data Protection Guidelines
Appendix K8: Ethical Guidelines for Research

Appendix L: CDP & Monitoring Policy updated 03/10/2019

Appendix N: Training and Supervising Staff updated 03/10/2019

Appendix O: Programme Specification updated 03/10/2019

Appendix P: QAA Descriptors or Benchmarks – Mapping against Modules – Level

Appendix Q: Mapping against UKCP HIP Learning Outcomes for Psychotherapy Programmes

Appendix R1-R5: – UKATA Award and Diploma forms:

Appendix R1: UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis Procedures,
Appendix R2: UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis Application Form,
Appendix R3: UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis Written Exam,
Appendix R4: UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis Oral Exam – Guidelines,
Appendix R5: UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis Oral Exam – Marking Sheet,

Appendix S1.2-S2.8: Formative Assessment Forms:

Appendix S1.1: The Trainee Development Portfolio
Appendix S1.2 Tutorials (Section 4.2 and Appendix B),
Appendix S1.3: Observation of Skills Practice in Group
Appendix S1.4: Skills Observation Feedback
Appendix S1.5: Annual Learning Contract
Appendix S1.6: Annual Learning Contract Review
Appendix S1.7: Annual Peer Review
Appendix S1.8: Clinical Placement Report
Appendix S1.9: Client Recordings
Appendix S2: Summative Assessment Forms:
Appendix S2.1: Understanding and Critiquing Key Theoretical Concepts
Appendix S2.2: Critique of Theory Essays
Appendix S2.3: Case Study
Appendix S2.4: Client Recording & Transcript
Appendix S2.5: Personal Development Essay
Appendix S2.6: Professional Identity and Philosophy Essay
Appendix S2.7: Making Research Live – Research Presentation
Appendix S2.8: Making Research Live – Research Project

Appendix T: EATA and UKCP Comparison Chart