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The View from Here by Hayley Marshall here

Published Writings – The Centre for Natural Reflection
Ecotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice This book has chapters by many leading experts in the field including one by me – ‘A Vital Protocol – Embodied Relational Depth in Nature Based Psychotherapy’.You will also find chapters on research from Scandinavia and art therapy practice, as well as some of the philosophical underpinnings for outdoor work.

Autumn – Relational by nature. The Transactional Analyst. Autumn 2019.

Winter – Greening the Adult ego state. The Transactional Analyst. Winter 2019

Spring  View from here. The Transactional Analyst. 2019. Spring 2019

Summer –  A sustaining transaction. The Transactional Analyst. Summer 2019

Ecological Transactional Analysis – Allowing the Leopards in the Temple. The Transactional Analyst. Spring 2021.