Foundation year

In May our Foundation group ‘arrived’ In Martin Mere! We travelled round different ecological spaces in the Mere learning about therapeutic change and the different stages of the treatment process. 

And then on the Sunday we explored ethical thinking and included the more-than-human in our discussions. 

How has therapeutic change happened for you?

How does ‘change’ happen in the psychotherapeutic process?

How does ‘change’ relate to different ways of treatment planning in TA  to help us navigate the therapeutic terrain?

What might an ecological space offer into therapeutic ‘change’ and the treatment planning process with a client ?

We opened up rich discussions using these questions of inquiry at each stage of the treatment planning process we asked: 

  • What does the therapist focus their attention on?
  • What is the therapist doing?
  • What is the client doing? 
  • What is happening between the therapist and client?
  • What change is happening?